No budget, 4 different jobs, just go, get out.

A proxy war over my grandmother’s garden.

Is it Russia dropping bombs or is it our own government?

Knee deep powder, alpenglow.

A 7.2 Magna Earthquake.

Alaska, ok ok ok

Arguments, more work.

Sweden and creative fires.


Ski diplomacy.

Paying dues.

Will I go blind in my right eye?

Broken ankle.

A splint in a mountaineering boot and a mountain I was not meant to climb

A glacier; gone.

Holy shit was it beautiful up there though.

What next?

I am going to be skiing and learning as much as I can everyday with mountaineering and alpinism. It is something I have verified, after a period of outstanding doubt and confusion and within the time captured in and out of this film. It has taught me the greatest things and has lead me to incredible people.

I am always grateful that I have found the means to find and pursue this path. I do not come from skiing, I have some hereditary links to the Carpathians, but it’s an unexplained bold inclination that has lead to my love for the mountains. I still have the same feeling when I see snow that I did when I first opened my balcony windows on a school ski trip. That was a bluebird day after a 30 hour coach journey in Les Deux Alpes. If I ever lose that feeling then I know it will be time to change things up a little. Not now though. By all means, not now.

Although they can be a test for self-validation, this is not what it means to me.

In giving my soul, time, strength and money to the mountains, I demand nothing in return. This relationship is equivalent to me being a grain of sand in an ocean of existence.

The most important thing up there is my friends, my relationships, and being able to ski another day.

As we all know though, doing it and speaking about it are two different things.

Imma go go go.

Here’s a link to 100 photos that made MMXVI.

Enjoy, I hope it inspires you in some way.

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