Where were you?

I’ve been packing myself up in preparation for the goings on of this next winter, and I accidentally rediscovered my beloved Powder Photo Annual. I picked up this year’s copy from the Crow Creek Mercantile in Girdwood next to my Granola and Gushers. So there I was, walking the mile back to the Elliot’s with my pack full of groceries whilst examining the wildest photos. A bizarre, incomprehensible affection ensued for a certain story.

Processed with VSCO with q5 preset

What you could see of the Eclipse in Torquay – South West England

The cover was striking. It didn’t contain a rider piercing though a sugared white colour preset, a bluebird azure, or a canvas of trees. It was black and orange, and it was Reuben Krabbe’s Eclipse.

The Total Solar Eclipse on the 20th of March 2015, is something that people who got to experience it will remember. They will remember who they were with, where they were, how the sky looked when the moon swerved in front of the sun (Saigon level style). I was outside the biology department of my previous school, with cloudy skies and a Year 12 student playing the X Files theme tune from his phone.

Despite being a moment shared by the masses, it is one that was adventurously devoured by the few, and the Salomon Freeski TV team ate it all up.


If you ignore the beautiful media that came back from this escapade, you reveal a ridiculous idea that was dreamed, planned and executed; the grittiest elements required to manifest such magic. Skiing is groovy, skiing in beautiful locations is ultra groovy and then putting that under to the grooviest natural phenomenon is radiantly wonderful.

There’s something to be said about the feeling of being completely isolated in sharing a moment and for that to earth so many different experiences for the same event, but be 1999 miles away. While I was just continuing with the flow of my life someone was closing in on a fabulous idea. Yet we were looking at the same sun and moon.

I’m left enchanted and inspired, so I thought I would share that with you. Here are some links if you want to get a feel for what actually went down in Svaldbard, and some more photos from Reuben.
















P.S. Not sponsored by Salomon, I just love skiing and intergalactic phenomenons.




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